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  • Posts (0) Posted 14/07/12 16:31, 11 years ago

    Baseball is a game of the spirit, of attdutie, of confidence. To have beaten the Braves, one of the best teams in baseball, at their home park after nineteen innings (more than twice a typical game length) would have keep the magic spirit alive, to wit: the new Pirates can do anything. OK, they would still have to hit, pitch and field in the following games, but they would have done so with the stubborn confidence and knowledge that even a good team will not roll over them. If anyone thinks such musings are nonsense, consider this: the famous Bill Buckner game, in which then-cursed (does this blog believe in curses?) Red Sox lost to the NY Mets after being one out away from winning the World Series was the sixth not the seventh, game. They could still have won the next night. But all true fans knew thew wouldn't. The famous Steve Bartman foul ball was not the last out of the game, yet once it happened the Cubs were doomed. Doomed. Still, we did enjoy the first half of the season .Where have you gone, Sid Bream?

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